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August 4, 2011
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DW: Tracy Kinomoto Hiya by AsuruiHiane DW: Tracy Kinomoto Hiya by AsuruiHiane
:new: Changed Tracy's desing ...again :iconwthplz:
:new: Ultimate level actived! Tomoemon is now ready! (Bestimon was changed)


:icontdwtracyplz: :iconsaysplz: Hey you guys! If you want to RP with me, just send a note to my creator and I will we your friend! :iconhappyprussiaplz:

Name : Tracy Kinomoto Hiya

Age : 17

Gender : Female

Digivice : Purple D-3 TOY VERSION

Digital Shard : Kindness :iconshardkindnessplz:

Height : 1,57 cm

Nationality : Half Japanese, half Peruvian

Birthday : March 19th

About her:

Tracy borned in Japan,Tamachi; exactly on March 19th. She grew with her mother Sakuya, her sister Irene and her father Fay . She likes to be with her family, specially with her sister. When she was 9, she moved to Peru because her father got a job there. She was in 2 schools there, and also she learned Spanish and met new places.

How did she meet her Digimon?
One day, in Peru, she was studying in her room. Suddenly, a Digiegg went out of her laptop. She was scared and after that, Cunimon borned. She did not know that Cunimon is a Digimon but she tells to Tracy that she is a Digital Monster and a lot of things about the Digimons.

She back to Japan when she was 11 and also with a new friend: Conemon. She told to her parents about her Digimon. Luckily, they accepted her bunny friend.

How did she joined the Astra?
After some years, she heard about the Astra. She wanted to be there with Conemon, but she has to abandonate her family. Her mother and sister accepted her decision but her father not. He tought that maybe she can get hurted fighting with "Digital creatures" (the name that her father calls to the Digimons). But after much pleading of her daugther, he accepted. Tracy communicates with her family via Internet or with her cell phone and sometimes, she comes back to the Human World and visit her family and also she goes to Peru to visit her father.

:bulletgreen: LIKES :bulletgreen:

- To be with friends and with her Digimon
- Pop music.
- Drawing and painting
- Listening to music ^^
- Chocolateeeeeeeee :iconheplz:
- Cute Animals
- Painting.
- Animes lD

:bulletred: DISLIKES :bulletred:

- Hunting
- Animal abuse
- Pollution
- Arrogant people
- Difficult homeworks (Like literature or maths)
- If her sister ask a lot what is she doing.

:bulletwhite:EXTRAS :bulletwhite:

- She loves Full Metal Alchemist.
- She likes Pockys
- Loves to play "Angry Birds"
- She is taking art classes.
- She sometimes changes the color of her hair and also her fashion style
- She has a piercing in her tummy

Digimon Partner:

Conemon is a very active Digimon. She like to fight with bad digimons and always helps her friends when they are in trouble. Sometimes, she can't stand the actitude of her Tammer, this is the reason why they sometimes fight, but they reconciled after all. Her adiction are carrots, so Tracy always carries with some of them. If she get dark energy from her Tammer, she can digivolve into a Dark Evolution: DarkConedramon.

Evolution Line

* Fresh
Attacks: Cuni-butting

* In Training
Attacks: Bubbles attack


Attacks: Scratch attack, Mortal sphere, Cone-Punch


Golden thunderbolt, Kirin Charm


Attacks: Special sword, Japanese spell


Attacks: Fire circle, Flame-thrower

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