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DW: DBD - Irene K. and Rose by AsuruiHiane DW: DBD - Irene K. and Rose by AsuruiHiane
Joining another RP Digimon group altought I don't have a lot of time :iconmingplz: but it looks cool and awesome, so I jumped to the fun (? Spazattackplz 

I planning to re-desing Irene, Emomon and Wawamon...but I have to wait my CD with Paint Tool Sail  Llama Emoji-65 (Blood Tears...) [V3] 

Name: Irene Kinomoto
Birthday: July 30th
Gender: Female
Height: 1.60 cm
Nationality: Japanese

Team: Light Fang
Rank: Normal


Irene is just like a normal woman, giving the best of her and never give up. She is intelligent, can do battle strategies so fast that could impress other people. She is a bit introvert, but sometimes she shows up her "crazy mood" speccially in front of cutie animals, digimons, and sugar-things. Maybe you think that has a calm face, but she can get very angry and could scream to someone...Sometimes she screams with no reason. Also, she likes the work team but if someone does not apport something, she could say phrases like: "So you don't say anything? IT MEANS THAT YOU DONT CARE ABOUT THE SITUATION!?". If you keep treating her well, she would show her "mother side" does not mather if you are a boy or a girl that dont like that kind of treatment.


Irene was born in a family that is half japanese (mother) and half peruvian (father). She has a sister younger than her, called Tracy. They lived some years in Peru because her dad got a job there. She was in a lot of schools, she was such a smart gir; but she often was called to the principal because of her fighty moments. That's one of the reasons why she didn't have a lot of friends, but the few one were the best for her. Also she practiced sports like basket, volleyball and soccer; and she was the Captain in some of those teams.

When she was in Peru, something weird happend to her life. Her sister (that grown up) got a strange creature, called "Digimon" (Conemon) from the computer. Irene didn't have anything to say, but she wanted to know more about them and why not? Have one of those things. She desesperatly started to search a way to have a Digimon, like her younger sister. She waisted a lot of time but she didn't get one. That was the reason why she was jelaous of her sister. But she didn't give up at all.

After some years in Peru, she moved again to Japan with her family. There, she finished the Elementary school and started the High School in Tamachi. One day, when she was in the Computer Lab, one of the machines turned on and started to act in a crazy way. Irene looked at the screem and was suprised. In the screen was a message, saying: "Would you like to have an adventure that you will never forget?" "Yes" - "No". She pressed "yes" and the screen turned black. After that, she was transported to a world that was not like the real one. She was a bit afraid, but curious at the same time. After that, she found a creature. "It looks can't be!?" She tought. Yeah, it was a digimon that she found.

"Hi! I am Emomon" the creature said. "Emh...hi! I am..." but she could not finish. A wild Greymon appeared, and not happy. It attacked Irene. Emomon, looking at that, defeanded her new friend with everything that she can. After some minutes, the Greymon ran away. "Are you ok?" "Yeah...thanks...Emomon". Irene finally found her partner, as her younger sister.

Facts: .3.

- Irene is studying Industrial.
- She has a daugher, called Ai. She also has a Digimon.
- Is a "wook-worm". She has more than 100 books in her room.
- Can't see very well, that's why she carry another pair of glasses.
- She has to comb her Digimon's hair every morning with  a special comb.
- She is a bit "over-protective" with her family and friends.


Nickname: Rose
Type: Beast
Species: Emomon
<b>Personality:</b> Graceful

About her: 

Rose likes to serve Irene in everything that she can. She is a bit addicted to watch animes like Irene's younger sister and also addicted to drink Gatorade. Sometimes, she can't stand her hair, that's why Irene has to carry a comb with her. Also she can be agressive like her human partner, but calms down faster.

Evolution line:

Wawamon - Emomon - Helenamon - Amarumon - Doxymon

- Bite: Her little teeh grows up and bite her enemy.

- Swift Kick: She starts to kick with her legs very qickly to her enemy.
- Icy Scratch: Her claws covers of ice. When she attacks, she transmite ice to the place where she is scratching.

- Zeus Thunderbolts: She creates thunderbolt with her hands and throws to her enemy.
- Sparta- attack: Runs to her enemy, and tries to break trough her enemy.
- Greek Denfence: With her shield, she creates a magnetic sphere to protect her.

- Destructive fire: She throws fire from her mouth to her enemy.
- Inca Dragon Demon: She becomes more aggresive, more powerfull but only attacks to her enemy, no to her friends.

- Icy Spears: She creates icy spears in the air, and she handles them in a lot of ways.
- Winter Dragon: She transform herself into a winter dragon and attacks her enemy with icy attacks.
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